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Hanguang Porcelain, Shanghai, China

Hand Made, Defect Free, Limited Edition and Collectible
Founded in Shanghai, China 1993, this ceramics company has developed porcelain ware with brand name of Huanguang which has a unique style and these characteristics: glossiness, transparency, and a pure white color. Base on the Chinese tradition, Hanguang Porcelain ware has achieved the status of the best quality of porcelain ware in the world.
Techniques and Firing
Hanguang Porcelain wares are handmade, and hand painted with underglaze and overglaze. Usually the background flowers are painted in underglaze, and figures are painted in overglaze.
Teamwork and High Standards of Qulity Control
Hanguang Ceramics Company has hired the most skilled and experienced craftsmen from all over the country to work in the factory together. From raw material selection and pottery wheel throwing to hand painting, the company exercises the best control over the product qualities.

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